Peck, Judith


This life size sculpture made of plastics, fiberglass and resin is located in the sculpture garden.

This sculpture depicting a seated female figure in solitary introspection, originated as one of three figures on three separate beds situated side by side. Although different from the original concept, the lone figure now seated on a round bench in the Leonia sculpture garden is able to stand alone as a complete sculpture. Each of us is ultimately alone, though from the moment of birth we require the support of others.

The title for the grouping titled Isolation conveys the visual aloneness of each individual even in such an intimate setting as a bedroom: a male rising from his bed demanding to be heard though no one appears to listen; a female straining to speak though she cannot find words to express her thoughts; this woman now seated on the bench who has withdrawn and given up trying.

Perhaps you can sit beside her and tell her there are other ways to be heard and to belong.

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Judith Peck, describes her sculptures as being inspired by people – how they look, speak, and act; how they endure travail and tragedy; how they celebrate joy.  They address thematic concerns about the choices people make and the choices made for them by history, by chance, and by the intensities of their emotions and experience.  The landscape of people is an infinite terrain full of vitality, pain, and joy.  It is always changing.  The artist is too changed as she explores familiar and unfamiliar places with the tools of carving, molding, and fabrication in hand.

In this video, the artist describes why she sculpted “Falling Woman.”

About the Artist Judith Peck’s

Her sculptures are in 80 public and private collections, including the American Art Collection of Yale University, West Palm Beach Florida Library, the Ghetto Fighters Museum in Israel, the Rockland Center for Holocaust Studies, Temple Beth El in New York, and in New Jersey at the Teaneck Public Library, Ridgewood Train Station, and Tenafly High School.  Judith Peck has a doctoral degree from New York University and two Master’s degrees in Sculpture and Art Education from Teachers College at Columbia University.  She is a professor and the author of several books on the creative process. For more information, visit